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Jorge Figueroa y Arquitectos Asociados

Innovation in spatial design

Good architecture sells.  It is on this premise that architecture offices Jorge Figueroa y Arquitectos Asociados operates.  Founded over thirty years ago, they have taken on principally high-end residential architectural projects in the central region of the country, although they have also completed projects in the I and IX regions, as well as Peru, Argentina and Austria.  The focus of their work revolves around supervising each stage of their projects, taking care to adapt each one to its location site and geography.  They particularly stand out for their use of noble materials from Chile such as concrete (for its seismic quality), wood and stone.

“We are recognized in the field for our professionalism and our ability to shape our projects around the clients requirements through careful and efficient designs”, comments Antonia Figueroa, partner architect at Jorge Figueroa y Arquitectos Asociados.

If there is one thing they are convinced of in the company it’s that in Chile there are architects devoted to the country, its development and its natural environment.  Alejandro Aravena is an example of this, a distinguished Chilean Architect who won the Pritzker Prize in 2016, the most important international acknowledgment in the field.  Additionally, at Jorge Figueroa y Arquitectos Asociados they believe that Chile is a leader in architecture thanks to its projects which combine aesthetic, functionality, an excellent management of materials and innovation in spatial design.