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"The Swedish multinational Volvo has used the solutions of our TCIT company to execute and coordinate their Test Drives, and we have also achieved strategic alliances with Google to market their products."

“The supermarket chain ALDI, the multinational Volvo and the search engine Google have relied on the tools of the Chilean technology solutions company TCIT. This shows that our country is taking a great strategic turn towards services. “

Chilean innovation present in world markets

That the Chilean ingenuity is expanding towards the most diverse corners of the planet is an irrefutable fact. A reality that feeds the creative spirit of hundreds of entrepreneurs and national entrepreneurs who dream of seeing their products and services available in world markets. This is what they believe from the technology solutions company TCIT, which step by step has fulfilled its goals.

And the thing is that the achievements that have obtained in the last time are worthy of highlighting. The supermarket chain ALDI in the United Kingdom uses the TCIT developments as the traceability tool in the supply chain and its coordinator tool for importers and exporters. Added to that, the Swedish multinational Volvo has used the company’s solutions to execute and coordinate its Test Drives, while with Google the Chilean company signed a strategic alliance to market its products.

Formed with the conviction to solve the technological problems that “could not have been solved by the offer available in the market”, TCIT is presented as a software development company specialized in cloud and web technologies.

Within its portfolio includes platforms such as an agricultural management system, a system for management of cargo transport companies and other management, such as, for example, salary and storage liquidations. They also conduct technology consultancies, both in security and software architecture, and technological expertise.

Given the successes of the firm, the general manager of TCIT, Tomás Charad, believes that the company is a faithful reflection that Chile has been taking a great strategic turn towards services.

“In this new horizon, we Chileans have stood out for the professionalism with which we provide our services, using as a main tool technological solution developed in our own country. Because we have managed to “technologize” and compete in the computer world with various solutions that are at the level of the best companies in the world”. Says the executive.