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Calder Solar

The first flexible solar thermal system to heat domestic water

“A solar Saudi Arabia”.  That is what Chile could become thanks to the ever growing development of solar energy.  The Atacama Desert has the highest solar radiation in the world and a number of companies have settled in Chile to make the most of this natural resource.

However, international companies are not the only ones to have jumped at the chance to generate business through solar energy.  A number of national firms are also investing in the hopes of taking advantage of the numerous benifits the sun has to offer.  One of these firms is Calder Solar, a company constituted in 2006 which specializes in the design, implementation and running of solar thermal systems.

Their ‘star’ product is the Ecopanel Nacional, the first flexible solar thermal system to heat domestic water in the world.

Its success has been so great that they have already installed 8 thousand units in Chile, and have had their design patented not only in Chile, but also in the United States, China, Russia, Morrocco and Mexico.  Meanwhile, they have patents pending in Turkey, Peru, Brasil and India.  Tomás Milnes’, general manager at Calder Solar, opinion is that it is necessary to give visibility to the exportation of renewable energies made in Chile.  It is for good reason that; “we are the global benchmark in solar resource availability”, claims the executive.