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PSC Ingeniería

Infrastructure design of mining support

Chile is recognized as the primary copper producer in the world.  The red metal is certainly the mainstay of the Chilean economy.  This is reason enough to indicate that the industry requires high development standards.
The company PSC Ingeniería have taken on this challenge, becoming an international point of reference in terms of design and infrastructure of mining support; from truck maintenance workshops, to civic neighbourhoods, large warehouses and hotels among others.  In fact, two of the five most important copper operations in the world count on installations designed by PSC ingeniería.

The firm has four partners, three of which are Chilean, who take on an equal share of participation in the association.  Therefore, 75% of the ownership is Chilean.  Whatsmore, the company belongs to the Asociación de Empresas Consultoras de Ingeniería de Chile, A.G, and has on occasion exported to Peru.

The opinion of Francisco Javier Martin, development manager at PSC Ingeniería, is that “Chile can count on professionals with a high level of academic formation and specific experience in niche engineering, due to the demand provided by the mining industry and, of course, the seismicity of the country”.