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Experticia Ingenieros

Technology to control particulate matter

One of the major causes for concern for the mining industry in terms of the environment is controlling particulate matter (MP10), which remains in the air due to procedures which form a part of mining activity such as transiting high tonnage trucks and vehicles in general.  A number of companies have addressed this problem using different technology and methodology in order to find a solution.

Experticia Ingenieros is one such company and is dedicated to the construction, assembly, running and maintenance of dust controlling systems.  They intend to export their solutions to Peru and Australia and stand out for their creative business model.  The goal?  Deliver highly effective equipment.

“We focus on the problems brought to us by our clientele.  The know how that we have has brought us to the attention of mining companies in other countries”, claims Nicolás González, sales engineer at Experticia Ingenieros.