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Niebla Games

"Our videogames, especially our product 'Causa, Voices of the Dusk', were prominently displayed at major international events such as PAX East, PAX West, BIC Festival and Tokyo Game Show 2018, considered the most important global showcases of the entertainment industry."

“The game of collectible cards of Niebla Games,” Causa, Voices of the Dusk “, stood out as the only Chilean videogame that was exhibited in selective spaces in the 2018 edition of prestigious events such as PAX East, PAX West, BIC Festival and Tokyo Game Show”.

When Chilean creativity pays off

Niebla Games, the internationally recognized Chilean company, has put the name of the country at the top of the entertainment industry.

The company, formed by young professionals, is committed to the development of original table games and video games that stand out for their innovation, artistic and technical quality.

The reflection of this is the collectible card game “Causa, Voices of the Dusk” that stood out in front of thousands of fans as the only national videogame exhibited in major congresses such as PAX East, PAX West, BIC Festival and Tokyo Game Show.

The bet of Niebla Games points to the multiplayer profile offered by the “duel mode” format, in which the opponents must assume the role of powerful leaders and challenge themselves to impose their ideals in a fantasy world.

There is also the option of “campaign mode” in which various challenges must be overcome and the fight stories of the leaders of this fantastic universe must be known.

Niebla Games has had local support for the development of the game through the financing of the Regional Support Program for Entrepreneurship awarded by Corfo and the Audiovisual Fund delivered by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

Maureen Berho, general manager of the company, stressed that the achievements of Niebla Games highlight the attributes of the country: “what distinguishes Chile as an exporter of services is the presence of human talent.”