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Knowledge management at citizens disposal

Make information available at the click of a mouse.  That is the primary basis of Newtenburg Publicaciones Digitales, a company based in Chile and Colombia which specializes in management of large web portals and organization of archives, registers and digital collections.  Their role goes a step further and reflects the company’s objective: knowledge management at the citizens disposal through the development of large government web portals.

“We are interested in contributing to social innovation, transparency and civic formation.  We are motivated by supporting institutions whose role is to provide services which aim towards a better quality of life in society”, states José Flores, creative director at Newtenburg Publicaciones Digitales.

Currently, they export their services to the Ministry of Information Technology and the Ministry of Education in Colombia.  They have received good reviews thanks to the success of the services they have provided, highlighting the progress that Chile has made in this area, particularly in terms of the resolution of problems through information management for citizens.