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EXE Ingeniería y Software

Positioning Chile as a leader in innovation

The world is taking huge steps towards a new stage of evolution, in which the key players will be artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things and user experience.  Concepts which will revolutionize how we address development.

Contributor to these changes, the Chilean company EXE Ingeniería y Software offers solutions in precisely these areas, transforming innovative ideas into products and services which have a positive impact on both national and international business.

As members of the Asociación de Empresas Chilenas de Technología (Chiletec), they have taken part in numerous trade missions, some supported by ProChile, to the United States (California), Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.

“We have been commended on a number of occasions for our knowledge and our methodology of innovation, which has resulted in the development of solutions for our customers”, states Fernando Gelcich, the company’s trade manager.

Drawing from their experience they believe that through the exportation of services, such as those offered by the firm, Chile can become one of the leading countries in IT innovation, “showing that our country has the skills and abilities necessary for the development of cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence”, assures the company.