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Centro Cefel

"“We should export our technology and engineering knowledge”"

Formation of human capital for the 21st century

The ever-changing world alongside the multiple challenges which we face today force us to keep up to date with each emerging innovation.  This necessity resulted in the creation of Centro Cefel, an online education company which uses vanguard technology and specializes in the formation of human capital in engineering and human resources.

The company has an agreement with the Colegio de Constructores Civiles e Ingenieros Constructores de Chile (School of Civil Construction and Engineering Construction in Chile), which gives them access to the courses offered by the academic center at special rates.

Rodrigo Olivares, general manager in Training Services Rodrigo Olivares (Cefel), claims that Chile stands out for being a reliable country, “which is why I believe that we should export our technology and engineering knowledge”, states the executive.