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"Thinking on tomorrow's world, we are eliminating all plastic bags from Chile, thanks to the technology created by our company that degrades the plastic with water."

Fighting plastic

In Chile 3,400 million plastic bags are used per year, which translates into 200 bags per person per year, of which a large part ends up in sanitary landfills or in the environment, causing a pollution of proportions according to estimates of the Association of Plastic Industries.

To fight this problem, in 2015 the commercial engineer Roberto Astete Boettcher and the lawyer Alejandro Castro Riquelme, founded the company Solubag with an initial investment of $ 3 million CHL. The star product of the Chilean company is the water-soluble bag, unprecedented in the world, formulated from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), a solution that when in contact with water dissolves unpolluted by not containing additives toxic.

This technology is so innovative, that it is no longer nature that in 400 years determines to degrade this material, but it is the people who decide to use the bag again, or destroy it whenever they want, contributing in this way, to environmental care and sustainability of the planet.

The company already has international patents pending, certifications and tests, both local and foreign, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) contact test, which will allow it to expand beyond Chilean borders and in countries where they are already established, such as China, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and the Czech Republic.

“Thinking about the planet of tomorrow, we aspire to eliminate plastic bags from this small country in South America thanks to the technology created by our company that degrades plastic from a sustainable perspective”, says Cristian Olivares, Solubag’s commercial manager.